Della Ear Jackets with Large Front Back Circles

$54.00 USD

I don't even know where to start with these earrings, they are that awesome!!
They are lightweight, super unique, minimal, and modern.
They go on like a threader, and feel like a dream.
Ok I'm not exactly sure what wearing a dream feels like, but it has to be close to this.

Circles are approximately 17mm big. The perfect amount of millimetres if you ask me.  

Available in the following metal choices:
  • 14k gold fill
  • 14k rose gold fill
  • Sterling silver
  • Niobium


How do you put them on? I'm glad you asked.

These earrings go on like a threader earring and don't require an earring back. You simply put the end of the wire from the one circle (the incomplete circle) into your ear piercing and turn the earring round and round until the large circle is completely through the piercing. Voila! Now go out there and get those compliments you deserve!